Ernest Philpot - His Life and his Art

Ernest Sidney Philpot (1906-1985) has been described as one of our most important painters, the pioneer of serious abstract art in Western Australia, who dared to challenge the 1950’s Art Establishment in his defence of Abstract Art.

As painter, teacher, critic and also writer, he allowed much of his written work to lie in fallow, unread and unknown to most people. His book I am the Artist and an Apologia for Abstract Art reveals the unwavering dedication of his life to art and a view - as Philpot would say - "from the inside looking out".

Information about the book and some excerpts can be found on The Book page and 12 of Ernest Philpot's paintings are showcased in the Paintings Gallery.

Ernest Philpot: My Neighbour’s Wattle Tree - 1936
Ernest Philpot - Book Cover Afternoon At Roleystone Homage To Sibelius

Ernest Philpot: Photo young Ernest Philpot
Ernest Philpot: Jealousy (1975)